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We continue our journey inspired by the creativity of the arch.Diego Granese. The beauty of natural stone coupled with the Mediterranean flavors and the chef's excellence of the Costa Cilento Team, has created these new products of which we are particularly proud of We tried to involve all the senses: taste, sight, touch, smell. For the hearing we entrust ourselves to the waves of our Mediterranean, he will think of him to complete our work!
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Questions & Answers with with Gian Piero Santin founder of ARTE & STILI

Questions & Answers with Gian Piero Santin founder of ARTE & STILI Limited, born in 2015 with the aim of proposing solutions that suggest the use of crafts “Vietrese” crafts. An important reality in the city with the roots of a craftsmanship that maintains the traditional handmade principles, where the dense color brush makes each unique and unrepeatable ceramic. It is our pleasure to host the architect Gian Piero Santin in this column to gather a vision of contemporaneity.
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Short Interview  with Valeria Prete

Valeria Prete, president of the group Textile Design System House of Confindustria Salerno; entrepreneur is creative, enterprising and visionary. His company TEKLA is the synthesis of a thirty-year experience industry group that develops thanks to continuous innovative drive and constant research in technology.
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